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Take the Fast Track to Dog Agility!

This class is designed for dogs that have little or no previous agility experience. We call this the Fast Track because you can get started this week! Each class runs for one hour at the Dog Quest training field located in Escondido, CA. There are currently two class times for you to choose from: 

Tuesday at  10AM, or 7 PM

The Fast Track to Dog Agility class is a combination of Fun and Exercise with your dog and Training for Competition. Dog agility training is a fun activity that will help increase your bond with your dog. If you are interested in socializing your dog with other dogs, an obedience class would be better suited for that. For this class it is important to keep your dog interested in working with you. We use toys and treats to help you keep their interest. If you just want to see if you and your dog are cut out for agility, this is a great class to test it out.   If you are motivated to train your dog for competition, this will help you give your dog a great foundation.

This class is designed as a revolving program with the opportunity to move to the next level once your dog is proficient in the basic agility skills. Experienced dogs are also welcome to drop-in for some extra time on skills that need to be refined. Contact Anne to find out what skills are on the schedule for the current week. Class size is limited, so a reservation must be made via e-mail to insure a spot in class.
Basic Requirements:

Dogs must be at least 8 months old. The more mature the dog is the easier they will be for you to train. It is better to wait with a dog that is very easily distracted. Obedience classes are helpful for teaching your dog to work with you when there are other dogs around. Having a good recall is most important so that we can eventually take your dog off leash. Treats and toys can be used to make you as interesting as possible to your dog.

Each dog will need to bring their own handler. There is no age restriction on the handler.  For young handlers, I will let the parent decide if they are mature enough to take responsibility for training the dog. Dog Agility training is fun but it is also more challenging than it looks.

This is an active class setting. Dogs should be well socialized with people and dogs.

No aggression will be tolerated.

For this class, female dogs while in season will not be allowed in class.

Class Reservation:
You will need to make a reservation for a spot in class. At least 24-hour notice is required to cancel and reschedule your reservation; otherwise the class fee will be forfeited. Class fees will not be refunded, but can be applied to another rescheduled class reservation. Not being able to give 24 hour notice is a risk that the student is taking when they sign up for a class. 
Class Fees:

Drop-in for $45. No pre-payment required but you will need to make a reservation - see link below. Confirmation that a spot is available, suggestions about what to bring with you,  as well as video links to watch before coming to class will be e-mailed back to you when your reservation form is received. Please do not just show up or you will miss out on a lot of helpful information.

Pre-pay $39 for one class. Discounted rate offered for pre-payment of fees. The class must be taken within 2 weeks of purchase.

Pre-pay $150 for 5 classes. Discounted rate for pre-payment of fees and a 5 class commitment. The 5 classes must be taken within 10 weeks (or within 10 classes offered) of purchase.

Class fees are not transferable.

Click here to make your reservation today!
     Dog Quest                 |   2642 Bernardo Avenue, Escondido, California,  92029  |       760-489-0537         |      
Please watch this joyful video of Jennifer Firmin from Escondido, CA handling "Sandy" her 14 year old yellow Labrador Retriever showing some of the typical skills taught in the Fast Track class.
Yes, this old dog can learn new tricks :)
Click here for our latest video giving you a Peek at the Dog's View.