MACH3, ADCH Rojanway Summer Challenge
12/04/1998 - 06/20/2013
MACH5, ADCH Kvar Joryn's Frisco Charley, 
08/02/1999 - 02/03/2011
2006 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility
 12" Champion
Anne enjoys teaching agility but she is also passionate about running her own dogs. Anne is a well-known national level competitor.  She has competed at the AKC Nationals every year from 1997-2016 and 2018-2019.  She has competed at the USDAA Nationals every year from 1998-2019.  Anne has competed in the Grand Prix Finals 10 times. She has been very successful in getting her dogs into the finals, and has achieved high placements with both organizations. 

Agility Championship titles have been racked up over the years as well.   Although Anne has handled one great dog to a high number of  MACHs, Anne has shown her agility handling skills on several different dogs. To date Anne has achieved a total of 39 AKC Master Agility Champion (MACH) titles while handling 9 different dogs which were 5 different breeds. She has also achieved the USDAA Agility Dog Championship (ADCH) title on 6 dogs. Here is Anne with the dogs that she has competed with and their title achievements.
High Hopes Moxie Robane, MX, MXJ, AAD
11/15/02- 12/21/17
MACH5 Rojanway I Called at Eight, 
Anne handled Duck to her first and fifth 
MACH titles.
MACH2, ADCH Rojanway Tumbling Tumbleweed
All agility classes for Dog Quest are taught by Anne Platt at one location in Escondido, California which is North San Diego County. Anne has been a full-time dog agility instructor since 2001. 
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What makes Anne Platt stand out among the crowd of dog agility instructors is her long list of accomplishments with multiple dogs at national level competitions.  If you aspire to achieve the skills needed to compete well against the best in the nation, Anne is your trainer. 
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MACH15, ADCH Safranne's Carbo-Loading Pasta
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MACH9 ADCH Safranne's Silver Spaghetti
MACH3, ADCH, NATCH Rojanway Give me a Call 
Caerus Ball Park Frank, OA, OAJ
"Hot Dog"
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Most people starting their dogs in agility have no idea what they are getting into aside from having a good time with their dog. Anne’s goal is to prepare each student for competition.  She will make sure they understand the basic rules and have the skills needed to run a complete agility course.  If competition is not something you’d like to try, that is fine, but you’ll be prepared just in case you change your mind.