American Kennel Club (AKC) has a pretty extensive web site.  I have found it difficult to find my way around, especially if I'm in a hurry (always!) This page is designed to help us quickly get to what we're looking for in terms of AKC Agility.
AKC Agility Rule book

AKC Agility Judges Guidelines - For a more in depth look at the rules.
You can order a copy of these rule books from the AKC Store. $10 for the rule book and $10 for the Guidelines.  If you are serious about AKC agility you should have a copy of both and have them with you at trials because that is where the questions about the rules will come up.

Use this link to register your mixed breed dog with AKC.
Canine Partners Listing Benefits (Mixed-Breeds)

Use this link to register your purebred dog that you don't have the AKC paperwork on.
Purebred Alternative Listing(PAL)/formally know as Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP)

AKC Store

You’ll have to create an account - no big deal. It doesn’t cost anything to set up an account.

AKC Reports – Points and Awards
You can run reports on any dog from here.

Once you find the dog of interest, you can view 
Points/Summary of the Title Progression for this dog (for free).
It’s just a summary, but still a good report to run from time to time on your dog.

Also on this page (toward the bottom) you can order an “Award Record” on a dog for $8.  This will give you the full history of the dog.  The date, trial, qualifying score, time, and placement.  If the dog did not qualify, the run will not be listed. AKC does not keep records of non-qualifying runs. 

Event/ Award Search

You can research past results or look ahead to plan for future trials. Once the trial catalog information is recorded by AKC you can look up the specific trial results (for free). You’ll need to know the approximate date of the trial and the name of the club that put the trial on. 

Do not click on the” Obedience/Agility/AKC Rally” Tab *This will restrict your search to future events*

The Time Range will determine if you are looking at results or looking ahead to future trial dates. Depending on what time of year it is, it usually it is best to leave it set on the current calendar year, then you will see both past results and future trials listed.

Select the Competition Type of Agility.
Select the state of interest on the map. For example “CA
Press “Search” and this will generate a report.

If you are looking for the results from the trial, click on the club name.  This will bring up what looks like a cover page of the classes offered that day.  Click on the class and jump height to display the next level of detail which would be a listing of the dogs that qualified with their score, time and placement.. When the report comes up again, scroll down to see that the report now gives more detail on the class you clicked on.