New to Dog Agility

Dog agility is an exciting and fun sport that both you and your dog can enjoy learning together. Have you seen dog agility and wondered if you could do that with your dog? Or, has someone told you that your dog would be great at agility and you should check it out?  You can teach your dog to go over, under, and through sequences of obstacles, and it can all be accomplished with positive training methods.

Is my dog a good candidate for dog agility?
Any dog in good physical condition can participate and compete in agility.
Age, breed, health, temperament, obedience

Am I a good candidate for handling a dog in agility?
Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and working with your dog? Do you have some leisure time to spare?

Where should I train my dog for agility?
Location, Trainer, Advantage of the clean slate
Dog Quest Escondido CA
Do you want to get your dog started in agility? 
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