Dog Agility Escondido CA
Dog Agility Training Classes – North San Diego County/ Escondido, CA
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  Dog Quest    |   2642 Bernardo Avenue, Escondido, California,  92029  |       760-489-0537    |     [email protected] 
Dog Agility is the foundation of Dog Quest. We are located in North San Diego County less then 1 mile west off the I-15 in Escondido, California.  We offer dog agility classes during the week at various levels of experience.  Our classes range from the Fast Track for dogs that are totally new to agility, all the way up to the advanced, excellent level agility dog.  We provide dog training classes during the day and at night. All dog agility classes are taught by Anne Platt. Anne is nationally recognized as a top dog agility trainer.  
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