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MACH Safranne's Carbo-Loading, AAD
DOB 04/02/07
Below are pictures taken from each of Noodle's runs.  If you click on the picture you can watch the video.
Anne's Calendar

This page will usually be updated by the Wednesday following a competition.
I had a great time running Noodle in her first USDAA trial on 11/15-16/08 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  She did not qualify on her first two runs (Gamblers and Standard) but after that she found her groove and picked up several qualifying legs. She earned one leg in: Standard, Pairs, Snooker, Jumpers and Steeplechase where she placed 3rd in Round 2 earning $11.52!  Good dog!
Noodle's prior runs
     07/04/08 - 10/26/08
Noodle was a jumping fool at her 13th AKC Dog Agility competition qualifying in both JWW runs but not on her standard runs.  She knocked an early bar on her first standard run and refused the teeter in her second standard run.
Noodle continues to do well in AKC Dog Agility.  At her 14th AKC competition she qualified 3 out of her 4 runs.  The video of her non-qualifying standard run makes me want to take credit for the error as my arm went up which sent her to the wrong course chute.
Noodle had another remarkable weekend.  She qualified on all 4 runs making it a perfect weekend.  Now with 10 Double Qs, she is half way to earning her MACH. What I am most pleased with is that she finished up the qualifications she needs to enter the 2009 AKC World Team try-out.  The try-out will be held in Minnesota on May 1-3, 2009 and it will be great fun to run her at my favorite dog agility event. Way to go Noodle!
Noodle's 16th AKC Agility trial was over 3 days and it was her second time on dirt. It was cool all three days so the dogs were full of energy.  She did well on her JWW each day but had a few problems on her standard runs.  On the third day she did not want to wait at the start line. She kept teasing me that she was going to start without me.  I sternly told her to wait and lead out.  I saw some movement as I passed the plane of the first jump but I thought she was doing her "getting ready to go" shake.  No she was creeping up and lightly touching the bar on the first jump.  This started the clock.  When I turned to look at her I saw that she was too close to the jump - but she was coming anyway - between the top and bottom bar - which didn't work the way she had planned.  I was disappointed that we didn't get a Double Q but she still is a lot of fun to run.  Once she turns two years old, all of this foolishness will end - I hope. :)
Noodle did very well at her second USDAA trial qualifying on every run.  The crown jewel of the weekend is that she won the local Grand Prix earning her a bye into the second round at a Regional Grand Prix!
We missed getting her 01/11/09 Nov Standard on video and I did not enter her in Jumpers.