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Safranne's Carbo-Loading Pasta, MX, MXJ
DOB 04/02/07
Noodle showing her stuff March 1, 2008 - almost 11 months old
  JWW course
  Just messing around
Noodle's debut AKC trial 07/04/08 - 07/06/08
      Novice B - Jumpers with Weaves
      Novice B - Standard
         I may not be able to get the video up for 07/04/08.  As it turns out, all of the runs went well
         on the weekend with just one bobble on the 07/06/08 JWW at the weavepoles.
         Click on the photo to link to the videos.

Noodle's second trial on 07/26 & 07/27/08 went very well.  Only one misunderstanding in the JWW course on 07/27 - still 3 out of 4 Qs in Open is nothing to complain about :) I am very proud of this dog!  Click on the photo to link to the videos.

At her third AKC agility competition Noodle continues to do well.  On our Open Standard run on Saturday 08/09/08 she took a wrong course jump after the tunnel, which is a minor fault in Open Standard, so she still qualified and finished up her Open Standard title. On Sunday 08/010/08 she was clean and qualified on her first Exc A Standard run. She also ran well in JWW finishing up her Open JWW title. Click on the photo to link to the video.
Noodle's fourth AKC agility competition was another 3 day trial.  We were very glad that we had the third day since she did not qualify on the first 2 days but earned 2 Qs on the 3rd day.  Amy Redepenning, Noodle's breeder came on the third day so we had to pull it together for her:)
Betty Justsen, Anne Platt, Amy Redepenning and Noodle.
The butterfly run.
Noodle's 5th AKC trial was at Industry Hills - her first time on dirt, and she seemed to enjoy it. On her first run of the weekend, Exc A JWW, it appears that she was momentarily distracted by the videographer by the tunnel and ended up missing the entrance to the tunnel. Otherwise it was a fast and smooth run.  She was clean on the rest of her runs, finishing up her Exc A Standard (AX) title on Saturday and earned 12 MACH points on her standard run on Sunday.
Below are pictures taken from each of Noodle's runs.  If you click on the picture you can watch the video.
This was Noodle's 6th AKC competition and she finished up her Exc A JWW title on Saturday in style. She also had a very nice Exc B Standard run taking 2nd Place and earning 31 MACH points. Now that she is in Exc B for both runs our focus will turn to MACH points and Double Qs. On Sunday she earned 17 MACH points on her JWW run. She did not qualify on her standard run, but needless to say, I am very proud of Noodle as she continues to do well in competition.
Noodle continues to do well at her 7th AKC competition earning her first and second Double Qs with perfect runs on the the weekend.  She also earned 60 MACH points. Due to a technical error I wasn't able to get her Saturday Standard run on tape but here are three of her runs from this past weekend.
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At Noodle' s 8th AKC competition she earned her 3rd Double Q and 58 additional MACH points bringing her current total to 178. We had an error on our final run of the weekend - a wrong course over a jump - but I was pushing for speed so it was a fun run even though we did not qualify.
Sorry we did not get Noodle's 09/28/2008 standard run on tape, but it was a good run. :)
Noodle just turned 18 months old as she went to compete at her 9th AKC competition.  On Saturday the temperature dropped and a lot of dogs were pretty hyped up - including Noodle.  We did not qualify on Saturday but did manage to pull it together on our last run of the weekend (JWW) and picked up another 13 MACH points. Click on the picture to watch her runs.
Noodle did well again at her 10th AKC competition earning 2 more Excellent B JWW legs and one Excellent B Standard leg. On her Sunday JWW run she came in 2nd Place giving her the 1.5 multiplier which helped with her MACH points for the weekend.  She now has 4 Double Qs and 243 MACH points.
Noodle had a great 3 day trial for her 11th AKC competition.  She missed the weavepole entrance on one Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) run, but other then that was clean for the weekend picking up two Double Qs, 116 MACH points and finishing up her Master Agility Excellent title (MX). Well worth the trip to Simi Valley!
Noodle is going to the 2009 AKC Agility Nationals having finished up the requirements for entry of 6 Double Qs and 400 MACH points on her 1st run of her 12th AKC competition taking 1st place and earning 46 points.  Noodle also had a great JWW run taking 1st place.  On Sunday she lost her cool and acted like the young dog that she is NQing on both runs - but really - that's fine with me. :)

Noodle is one amazing agility dog going from Novice to where she is now in less then 4 months. She has earned her MX and MXJ titles, 437 MACH points and 7 Double Qs.  She will have the next two weekends off from competition to regroup and focus on new goals. She is now old enough to  compete in USDAA which will be her next competition.