Questions asked by people who are new to agility training:
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Q. At what age can I start with my puppy?
A. Dogs can start as early as 8-10 months old.  We would not jump your dog at their full competition height until their growth plates have sealed which will be closer to 10-16 months depending on the size of the dog. 

Q. Do you offer puppy agility classes?
A. No, we don't offer classes limited to puppies. The Fast Track classes are appropriate for puppies and adult dogs.

Q. At what age is my dog too old to learn agility?
A. Some dogs have health problems that would prevent them from doing strenuous exercise (such as bad hips), but most healthy dogs, no matter their age, would enjoy learning agility.

Q. Do you allow mixed breeds?
A. Yes, all dogs are welcome.

Q. Do you require an evaluation process?
A. No. If you are interested in training your dog, I'm interested in helping you. If you are unsure if it would be worth your time, you can call and we can discuss your dog and why you're interested in doing agility.

Q. Can I bring my dog by to see if they would like agility?
A. In the Fast Track classes we introduce the dogs to the equipment very slowly.  It's not just a matter of seeing if your dog would like to climb up the A-Frame.  Most dogs can be convinced to climb, but we need to teach them how to safely come down.  So in the beginning, we spend a lot of time teaching them how to safely get off the equipment - even before we ever allow them to climb. If you enjoy training your dog, and if your dog is motivated by food or toys, that gives us a very good chance at being able to train your dog to do agility.

Q. Can I observe a class?
A. Yes, everyone is welcome to come and watch.  If you would like to come, please click here for directions and instructions on where to park. Since new dogs can be very distracting to dogs trying to learn, please leave your dog at home.

Q. How do I sign up for a beginning class?
A. Clink on this link to find out more about our new beginner classes called the Fast Track to dog agility!

Q. How much obedience does my dog need to know?
A. Your dog will need a good "come". If you have a toy or treat in your hand, and there are other dogs around, will your dog come to you?  I would call that a "good enough" come to start with :)  They will also need a sit-stay and a down-stay although this is something you can work on at home after you have joined a class.

Q. Do you offer obedience classes?
A. No, we do not. Click here to be taken to the obedience page where recommendations with links to other web sites are listed.

Q. My dog is very disobedient, would agility help?
A. It is critical that your dog is interested in working with you. If you would call your dog "disobedient" I would suggest an obedience class over agility.

Q. Do you allow training with an electric collar in class?
A. No.

Q. My dog lacks confidence, would agility help?
A. Yes, in most cases, agility is very successful in building your dog's confidence.  It can be amazing!

Q. What are your class fees?
A. Click here for the beginning dogs or "Fast Track" class information, and click here for a link to the experienced agility dog class fee schedule.  

Q. How long is each class?
A. Each class meets for one hour each week.  The classes start and finish on time, give or take 5 minutes. 

Q. What is your class size?
A. Class size is limited to 8 dogs per instructor.  

Q.  Are students asked to help set up or breakdown the equipment?
A. No. The course is set before each class starts.

Q. How many instructors are there?
A. All classes are taught by Anne Platt. For the Fast Track classes additional instructors may be asked to come and help out depending on the number of dogs that make a reservation that week.

Q. Will you ever offer classes on Friday evening or on weekends?
A. In California there is an agility trial almost every weekend.  If you train with an instructor that competes frequently with their dogs, they will not be able to train with you on Friday evening or on weekends.

Q. Will you ever hold classes at another location?
A.  I bought this property with the intention of building the best agility training center in southern California, and I believe that I've achieved that. Any other location would not compare to this field which happens to be at my house.

Q. How can I find out about local trials where I can go and watch people compete?
A. Click here  for a listing of  listing of upcoming local trials.

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