Q. Do you allow dogs in heat to attend class?
A. Yes, but they are asked to wear pants in class. Since Fast Track students can adjust their schedule, and dogs just beginning in agility are the most easily distracted,  Fast Track students should adjust their scheduled reservation until their dog is out of heat.

Q. What is "floating"?
A. Students are encouraged to float to another class during the same week if they are not able to attend their scheduled class. You would need to check the roster to see what is available at your current level and e-mail to confirm that the spot is available.

Q.What happens when a student makes arrangements to float and either their normal class or the class they are floating to is canceled? 
 A. Floating is not a promise or guarantee that you will get a class in that week.  Usually it does work out but sometimes it doesn't. Floating is not intended to harm Dog Quest, but rather, to help the student get a class in when it works out.

If your normal class is held, but you made arrangements to float to a class that is canceled, you will not be given credit for missing your normal class. If your normal class is canceled, but you successfully float to a class that is not canceled, you will not be given credit.

Q. Do you refund or give credit for classes missed? 
A. Yes, but only when the class is canceled by Dog Quest.

Q. Do you allow make-up classes for classes missed?
A. No "making up" a class that has been missed is not offered. When possible it is best to float to another class in the same week. Please refer to the floating policy above.  

Q. Do you have any "pay and play" time on the field?
A. No, the agility field is only used within the structure of a class setting.

Q. Do you rent out the field?
A. Yes, we have for seminars and a small trial.

Q. Do you allow drop-ins?
A. Yes.  The fee for current students on the roster to drop-in is $25. For dogs that are not on a Dog Quest roster, the fee is  $35 exact cash or $37 by check. It's best to call or e-mail ahead to make sure there is room, but you don't have to.  All classes will be limited to 8 dogs though.

Q. Do you allow training with an electric collar in class?
A. No.

Q. I'm going to be gone most of a session, can I save my spot in class?
A. Yes. To save your spot for a session will be half price. If you come back and want to attend class during that session, there will be a drop-in fee.
Questions asked about Dog Quest's policies:
This section applies to all agility classes except for the FAST Track level 1 classes. Click on this link for more information about the FAST Track policies.

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