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*Note* Your dog needs to be at least 8 months old to join in this class.
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 2642 Bernardo Avenue, Escondido, California,  92029  |                     760-489-0537             |           [email protected]          
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A discount is given for pre-payment of class fees. Pre-Payment means that you will mail a check in. 
Please Note: At least 24-hour notice is required to cancel and reschedule your reservation; otherwise the class fee will be forfeited. Class fees will not be refunded, but can be applied to another rescheduled class reservation. Not being able to give 24 hour notice is a risk that the student is taking when they sign up for a class. 

Pre-pay $150 for 5 classes.  Discounted rate for pre-payment of fees and a 5 class commitment. 
        The 5 classes must be taken within 10 weeks (or within 10 classes offered) of purchase.
Pre-pay $39 for one class. Discounted rate offered for pre-payment of fees.
        The class must be taken within 2 weeks of purchase.
Drop-in $45.  A reservation is still required to confirm a spot in class.

Please make the check payable to Anne Platt and mail it to:

Dog Quest
2642 Bernardo Avenue
Escondido, CA 92029

The mail service is better than what most people think.  Once the check is in the mail, we will usually receive it in two  days. If you choose to pre-pay (mail a check), we will wait until we receive your check, and then we will confirm your spot via e-mail. It is unusual for the classes to be full.

If you do not receive confirmation before the day of class, please contact us before leaving for class. Cancellation of your reservation needs to be made at least 24 hours prior to class, and then your class fee can be applied to another rescheduled reservation. Otherwise, your fee for that class will be forfeited.
**It is assumed that you would like to drop-in immediately if possible. If not, please indicate above the first date you are interested in dropping in. 
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8 months to 1 year old1 year to 18 months oldmore than 18 months old
Web searchReferralOther
Pre-Pay - Mail a check in. Confirmation will be sent when payment is received.
Drop-in. I plan to bring $45 to class. Confirmation will be sent if a spot is available.
Tuesday 7 PM
Tuesday 10AM
Fun and Exercise with my dog
Training for Competition
Both Fun and Training
01/14 7PM
01/14 10AM
01/21 7PM
01/21 10AM
01/28 7PM
01/28 10AM
02/04 7PM
02/04 10AM
02/11 7PM
02/11 10AM
02/18 7PM
02/18 10AM
02/25 7PM
02/25 10AM
03/03 7PM
03/03 10AM
03/10 7PM
03/10 10AM
03/10 7PM
03/17 10AM