Escondido, CA in North San Diego County
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Do you want to get your dog started in agility?
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Dog Agility
Take your dog training to a new level at Dog Quest!  Our North San Diego County training field is conveniently located less then one mile west off the I-15 in Escondido, California.
Dog Training – Agility and Obedience Classes 
Dog Obedience and Puppy Pre-School Classes    
Dog Quest can give you recommendations for Basic Dog Obedience and Puppy classes in our area.  The goal of the classes suggested will be to cover the basics, and to get your dog started on the right foot. 
Dog Agility Classes
Dog agility is the foundation of Dog Quest.  We offer several agility classes during the week from the very beginner Fast Track  level all the way up to the top competition Masters Dog level. All dog agility classes are taught by Anne Platt.  Please click here to find out more.
Bring your dog to Dog Quest in Escondido and find out just how much fun dog training can be. San Diego is the mecca for dog agility because our great weather allows us to train and compete all year around.  Rather than wasting hundreds of dollars training indoors, we spend our time training our dogs outdoors on grass. Just another reason why everyone wants to live here!
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Dog training can be so much more than just teaching your dog to obey commands.  At Dog Quest we will help you improve your bond with your dog and fullfill your potential as a team together.  Basic obedience like walking nicely on leash, sit, down, stay, and come are key to being able to enjoy your dog. We can suggest classes to help you with this basic dog obedience training, but once you have that, you really need to give dog agility a try!
Dog agility involves having your dog run an obstacle course of ramps, jumps, tunnels and weavepoles.  Your dog will need to learn how to perform the obstacles safely with speed, and you will need to learn how to direct them around the course. Positive training methods (treats, toys, and praise), are used to encourage your dog to experience new situations. The course is always different, which really makes it fun and challenging. This is a great bonding experience as you and your dog work together to conquer the course!  
In Southern California, or more specifically in the San Diego area, the price of land is expensive and so for a really nice, spacious, and flat dog training field you will need to travel to North County.  Once dogs have been to Dog Quest just a couple of times, usually they start to bellow as soon as you turn off the freeway exit in Escondido, CA. The pure joy the dogs that train at Dog Quest feel cannot be contained. 
Here is a video showing a glimpse of the dog's perspective when running an agility course.  This was filmed at the beautiful Dog Quest training facility in Southern California.  
Due to the spread of COVID-19, all classes are on hold.  Please check back when you feel we are pretty much back to normal.