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You took the leap and ran a USDAA@Home course at Dog Quest.


Wait until you have reviewed your video before entering.


I will give you a link to the shared Google drive folder where I will put all of our videos for the events we are currently running. If you take note of when you ran, that will help narrow down the videos you need to look at.  The name of the videos is the date (YYMMDD) followed by the time. So 202008291000 is 2020, August 29th at 10:00 AM.


Tip for finding your videos:

If you have no idea what time it was that you ran, you can also search the videos by looking through the icons or snapshots of each video.  Hopefully you wore something bright and easy to identify. Click on the icon near the upper right corner - to the left of the “i” in a circle. It kind of looks like a six pack. That will give you the “grid” view.


Download the video to your computer and maybe rename the file to something that makes sense. Like "Hot Dog - Master Jumpers - Event 109380-1". Watch the video, get a time on it, and double check that you ran it correctly and under time. There will be two videos needed for each event. The next step is to upload the videos to YouTube (or something like that) and make sure the video is set to public.


I haven't used YouTube myself in a very long time, but if you Google your question - How to Upload Videos to YouTube? I'm sure the best answer is out there waiting for you.


Give these instructions a try. If you run into a bump, try again. Take a break, read more carefully the instructions and try a third time.  If you need help after your third attempt, let me know and I'll get someone to help you.  But give it a few good tries first.  Google is super helpful. 


Now you are ready to enter and post your results.


If you are new to USDAA...


Register yourself with USDAA (free). Here's the link:  


Now you can login. So login:)


If your dog is new to USDAA..


Go to your Dashboard and add a dog. One time fee $30.

Print off the registration, take note of your dog's registration number and keep it handy. Keep the registration form in a safe place. If you ever go to a "real" USDAA trial you will need this form for the judge to measure and record your dog's shoulder height on this form. This form is important.


* Once your dog is registered, you can log on directly to 

USDAA@Home here: 


This uses a different login than the USDAA Competitor Services link. 

Your login will be your (registered) email and the six numeric digits of

your dog's USDAA registration number (omit the initial alpha character). 


Now you’re really ready to enter an event.


The cost is usually $12 unless you are entering a tournament event which is more.  If you have missed the deadline to enter, it will not allow you to enter. That works:)


After you have entered, you also need to post your results.


Go to your Dashboard, click on the event, and report your results. 


If you entered Combined Pairs you will need your partners USDAA number. Only one person has to post the results and videos, but the second person does need to go in and verify the results and input their dog’s jump height.



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