Class Fees

General Information:

Similar to a continuing education course, at this class level you are making a commitment to the class (day and time) for the session. There are no refunds or make-up classes offered for classes missed. Students are encouraged to "float" to another class at or below their same level during the same week.


Classes are held for one hour each week. 


Class sessions run for 6 classes. 


The classes are $150 prepaid for each 6 class session.


Class size is limited to 8 dogs. The average class size is 6.


Dogs not enrolled in a class can drop-in for $35 exact cash or $37 by check.


Dogs currently on the Dog Quest class roster may drop-in for $25.


As long as there is room in the class, you can join in any time. The prorated fee is $30 pre-paid per class to secure your spot in the class. A discount of $30 is given for students who pre-pay for the whole session.  6 X $30 = $180 - 30 = $150 for 6 classes.


Q. What is "floating"?
A. Students are encouraged to float to another class during the same week if they are not able to attend their scheduled class. You would need to check the roster to see what is available at your current level and e-mail to confirm that the spot is available.