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Class Fees for Pre-Novice and Above classes

General Information:

Similar to a continuing education course, you are making a commitment to the class (day and time) for the session. There are no refunds or make-up classes offered for classes missed. 


Classes are held for one hour each week. 


Class sessions run for 5 classes which are usually 5 weeks in a row.


The advanced classes are $200 prepaid for each 5 class session.


Class size is limited to 8 dogs. The average class size is 6.


Dogs not enrolled in a class can drop-in for $60 exact cash or $65 by check.


Dogs currently on the Dog Quest class roster may drop-in for $40.


As long as there is room in the class, you can join in any time. The prorated fee is $50 pre-paid per class to secure your spot in the class. A discount of $50 is given for students who pre-pay for the whole session.  5 X $50 = $250 - 50 = $200 for 5 classes.

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