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The training field is located at:

2642 Bernardo Avenue, Escondido, CA 92029

A little help for your GPS.. 

The dog agility training field is located directly across the street from Bernardo Elementary school on Bernardo Avenue. Look for the slightly elevated, white horse-style fencing around a large ring on Bernardo Ave. There is a crosswalk and stop sign for the school. Be patient; don't turn too soon. Turn onto the paved drive that has a bright yellow fire hydrant on the corner. After you turn, the training field, with white horse fencing, will be on your left. If you turn into the gravel driveway, and have the field on your right, you will have trouble getting into the parking areas.

Parking Instructions

There are two main areas where you can park.


** Please do not park in the small cul-de-sac.

            If you do, you will be asked to move your car.**


1) On the gravel drive that overlooks the field from the back. Please park on the side away from the field on a diagonal facing away from the field. We can fit 10 vehicles here as long as we don't waste any space.



2) Continue around on the gravel drive that runs beside the field.  Please park parallel against the red fence in this area so that other cars can safely pass by. Be careful not to park in front of the neighbor's gates.*If you have a long vehicle, along the red fence is the best place for you to park.

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