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COVID-19 Precautions

**Due to the high turn-over rate, and revolving door aspect of beginner dog agility classes, the Fast Track classes are closed.**

Safe Reopening Plan - Additional Measures Specific to Dog Quest

Refunds will be generous. If you feel sick, or if you are concerned about your possible exposure, in or outside of class, and do not want to come to class, a refund will be given. Any health concerns for yourself or others will be respected.  If you, or someone you live with has been in groups, not keeping a good social distance of 6 feet apart, please do not come to class for 14 days after. Many of my students are older adults or have serious underlying medical conditions and might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.  

Keep at least 6 feet apart at all times. Be especially careful when entering and exiting the ring. Enter in the gate by the tents. Exit out the other side of the ring if another class is waiting to come in. It is okay to use the entrance gate for a quick potty of your dog as needed during class. The gate will be left ajar so that it can be opened with an elbow.

Please do not socialize over the fence with the next class or in the parking area, as it might impede on other people's ability to keep a safe distance. Typically there will be room for 4 handlers and their dogs to maintain 6 feet apart while under each tent. If you would like more room, you are welcome to set up inside the ring along the fence. If you bring an umbrella, please ask about possible water lines before setting up.

The sunshine and breeze will be very helpful in keeping us safe, but still try not to touch anything you did not bring into the ring with you. At a minimum, please bring your own hand sanitizer, mask, chair, crate, and water. We will no longer leash our dogs to the fence or tent poles. Please use your hand sanitizer if you accidentally touch something you did not bring in, and before and after using the port-a-potty.

Face coverings will be worn while on the Dog Quest property. The covering will need to cover your nose and mouth. You will not be required to wear a face covering while running your dog or right after recovering from your run. Maintain at least 6', more would be better, from others when recovering and then put the face covering back on.

You will need to run with your leash, either in your pocket, as a sash, or around your waist.

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