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More detail about the Novice Level Classes


This is not a class for beginners. Each week we’ll have two full AKC style courses to run. The courses in class will be substantially different every week. One Standard course and one Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) course. Oftentimes we’ll switch in a full set of 12 weaves, but other than that we strive to keep the courses to what we might expect in competition. That means the 3 contacts (dogwalk, A-Frame, and teeter), table, 6-12 weaves, double, broad jump, triple, tunnels, tire, panel, wings and non-wing jumps. The courses will be from 14-16 obstacles long. If we have time, we’ll repeat one of the courses.


You’ll walk the course together, as a class, and your instructor will discuss the handling choices to be made, and then run the course. Ideally you’ll bring a crate so that you can focus on your walk through. If you don’t bring a crate, you’ll need to bring your dog with you while you learn the course. If when you are walking the course, you have a question about the course, or your handling choices, please ask your instructor rather than your classmates. Your instructor has a ton of experience and you should take advantage of that. Also, your classmates need to spend the time focusing on their own run.


When you run, if your dog knocks a bar, it is your choice to stop, or not. Any issues you have with your dog’s performance, you can stop and repeat it. So even if they get the contact, but you want a 2-on 2-off performance, you are encouraged to work on that performance, by repeating it. If you end up repeating too much, and it seems like it’s not going to come together today, your instructor will ask you to move on. Try to stay focused on your run, and training your dog. Your instructor is in charge of the class time management:) 

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